IEA Bioenergy appoints new chair and vice-chairs

Jan 2021

Paul Bennett of SCION, New Zealand was elected as the new chair of the IEA Bioenergy Technology Collaboration Programme for 2021. He follows Jim Spaeth of the United States Department of Energy who acted as chair in the past 3 years.

The IEA Bioenergy Executive Committee also appointed two new vice-chairs to assist the chair in his work: Sandra Hermle of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy and Dina Bacovsky of BEST (Bioenergy and Sustainable Technologies), Austria.







Sandra Hermle (left) & Dina Bacovsky (right)

Jim Spaeth: “As the outgoing IEA Bioenergy Technology Collaboration Program Executive Committee Chair, I am pleased to welcome Paul Bennett from New Zealand, as the newly elected Chair of the IEA Bioenergy ExCo.  Paul, who currently has the position of Integrated Bioenergy Portfolio Leader at Scion, brings a wealth of international business experience as well as bioenergy and fuels expertise, having previously worked in numerous very senior management positions for BP in several locations around the globe.  Paul has taken over the reins and will be leading IEA Bioenergy in ever growing and expanding research and international collaborations.”

Paul Bennett: “I am delighted that Executive Committee of the IEABioenergy Technology Collaboration Programme has entrusted me to act as Chair over the next year.  This is an exciting opportunity for me to ensure that we continue to maintain the positive image of Bioenergy as one of the key mitigation options as the global community drives towards lower and lower carbon emissions.  I would like to thank Jim for his fantastic work and personal commitment to the cause over his tenure, and for his ongoing support during the next year.  I would also like to recognize the election of two new Vice-Chairs, Dina Bacovsky and Sandra Hermle, who bring a passion and drive for bioenergy and will help me, and the Executive Committee, to ensure we keep Bioenergy on the Policy Agenda for National Governments.”

IEA Bioenergy
The IEA Bioenergy Technology Collaboration Programme (IEA Bioenergy TCP) is a global network on research and implementation of bioenergy, established under the International Energy Agency’s Implementing Agreement mechanism.
The IEA Bioenergy TCP comprises a world-wide network of experts in every aspect of the value chain of biomass for energy, who are from the research community, institutions of higher education, government agencies and industry. IEA Bioenergy has a rich and excellent history of encouraging and perpetuating the use of biomass as an energy source, to help lessen dependence on fossil fuels, both within and outside its member countries.

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