IEA Bioenergy Strategic Plan 1998-2002

Jan 1998
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This second Strategic Plan for IEA Bioenergy was developed for the period 1998-2002. It was published in December 1998 following formal approval at the 42nd Executive Committee meeting.

The need for a second Strategic Plan arose from recognition of the impact of increased bioenergy use on predicted global climate change, increased interest shown by non-member and developing countries to participate in IEA Bioenergy, the changing information needs of the developing bioenergy industry, revision of the REWP strategy, reorganization of the Task and operational structure of IEA Bioenergy, and increased access to the Internet. The objectives in this Strategic Plan are wide ranging and include technology development, demonstration and deployment, effective information exchange, involvement of industry, membership, global networking, identification and removal of non-technical barriers, operational cost effectiveness and harmonization of goals with the REWP.