New Publication – Case story: Production of food grade sustainable CO2 from a large biogas facility (Denmark)

Nov 2020

Biogas typically consists of 60% biomethane which is used as a renewable fuel, while the remaining 40% is a natural residual product in the form of CO2. Instead of wasting this residual CO2 and emitting to the atmosphere, a specially built unit was designed for a large biogas facility in Korskro (Denmark) to recover and recycle all of the CO2 enhancing the sustainability and the circular economy credentials of the facility. The Kroskro plant processes around 1 million tonnes of biomass per year.

Instead of release to the atmosphere, CO2 is captured and undergoes a complex, seven-step process of purification, removing all unwanted residues and impurities from the CO2, producing a product of quality and purity suitable for use in the food industry (traded as GO’ CO2). It is also used in other industries and sectors beyond the food industry. The residual CO2 from the biogas production which would have been emitted to the atmosphere is now captured, reused and integrated into a circular economy system.