Technology Roadmap: Delivering Sustainable Bioenergy

Nov 2017

Bioenergy has an essential and major role to play in a low-carbon energy system. For instance, modern bioenergy in final global energy consumption should increase four-fold by 2060 in the International Energy Agency’s 2°C scenario (2DS), which seeks to limit global average temperatures from rising more than 2°C by 2100 to avoid some of the worst effects of climate change. Plotting a path for bioenergy, the International Energy Agency’s new “Technology Roadmap: Delivering Sustainable Bioenergy” provides the technology milestones and policy actions needed to unlock the potential of bioenergy in line with a long-term low-carbon and sustainable global energy mix.

The work was carried out in close association with the IEA Bioenergy Technology Collaboration Programme (TCP), who provided information and helped develop many of the insights it contains.

The full report can be downloaded by clicking Technology_Roadmap_Delivering_Sustainable_Bioenergy