Two-page-summary – Round Robin on Fast Pyrolysis Bio-oil Production: Comparison of bio-oil production technologies from various institutions

Feb 2018

In 2015, IEA Bioenergy Task 34 undertook a round robin study to validate the understanding of production of fast pyrolysis bio-oil (FPBO). A total of 15 institutions in six countries contributed with technologies included bubbling bed (BFB), bubbling bed and entrained flow with hot vapour filtration (BFB/EF+HVF), screw reactors (SR), and ablative reactors (AR).

All participants used the same set of biomass feeds, and submitted FPBO samples to be analysed by a single, central laboratory. The results help in understanding the variation in FPBO production methods and their effects on product composition.

This summary presents some main results and conclusions. An extended article on the round robin results was published in the Journal Energy & Fuels, and is available from: