IEA Bioenergy Call for Tender – Communications Specialist

Jun 2021

The IEA Bioenergy Technology Collaboration Programme (IEA Bioenergy TCP – is seeking tenders from well qualified contractors to provide communications specialist support to the IEA Bioenergy TCP. As was stated by the IEA Bioenergy TCP in a recent article (, “the use of biomass to meet growing energy demand as well as its carbon neutrality goals should not be excluded because there may be risks of unsustainable practice. Rather, the focus should be on what practices, innovations, and policy regulations are required to ensure sustainable sourcing and efficient conversion to bioenergy and bioproducts”. This communications scope of work will seek to directly support these objectives. The work will commence in September 2021 and be completed by August 2022.

The Call for Tender document is attached here – Call-for-Tender-IEA-Bioenergy-Communications-Specialiat-Final-24-June-21

The closing date for submission of tenders to is the 13th August 2021 at 18:00 CEST.


Clarification Question Response
1 What is the ongoing budget to support the action plan beyond completion of this project? At this point an ongoing budget has not been defined and would be considered by the Executive Committee in the context of the impacts from the trial implementation of the action plan
2 Is matchmaking, i.e. linking activities in different geographical areas, an element of this project? This had not been specifically included but could be proposed as a separate feature for consideration
3 Would IEA Bioenergy formally join other initiatives in the context of implementation of the action plan through payment of membership fees? IEA Bioenergy would not join other initiatives through a formal membership payment but would be open to collaboration with initiatives where synergies could be exploited for mutual benefit
4 What is the role of KPIs in the context of the action plan arising from this project? KPIs would support the Executive Committee ongoing evaluation of the implementation of the action plan
5 What is the role of the Executive Committee members in implementing the action plan arising from this project? The Executive Committee members have a role in disseminating the outputs of the TCP within their national networks and could be expected to be a component of the implementation of the action plan