WS02: Co-utilisation of Biomass with Fossil Fuels – ExCo55

May 2005

This workshop was held in conjunction with ExCo55 in Copenhagen, Denmark on 25 May 2005. The purpose of the workshop was to inform the Executive Committee about the development of biomass co-utilisation with fossil fuels – in particular co-firing – and about the remaining barriers that need to be overcome in order to accelerate the penetration of co-utilisation technologies in the market. At the workshop presentations were given by seven invited speakers.

Co-utilisation is the simultaneous use of various fuels in the same energy production application and as far as bioenergy is concerned it applies to solid (e.g., biomass/coal), liquid (e.g., ethanol/petrol), and gaseous (e.g., biogas/natural gas) fuels. It is also possible to co-utilise fuels of different phases such as liquid and gaseous biofuels in combination with solid fuels (e.g., bio-oil/coal, fuel gas/coal). In the first example the biofuel is blended with the fossil fuel and then fed simultaneously in the combustion zone while in the second example the biofuel is fed into the combustion zone separately from the fossil fuel.